22 years experience mentoring 3000+ runners online


How does Pat Carroll Online Coaching differ to a generic program/ONE SIZE FITS ALL?: Knowing that you’ll be accountable to me will provide you with extra incentive to stay true to your goal. Additionally, generic programs fail to individually suit an individuals “current” level of development and life style. It’s important to train “smart” and gradually build on where you’re “currently” placed as well as factor in time availabillity whilst targeting short term and long term goals.

My methodology focusses greatly on setting a “manageable” workload aimed at minimizing interruptions that will allow you the opportunity
“to be the best you can be”. Consistency is the key.



Pat’s coaching is tailored precisely to my running goals and ambitions. The programs are very affordable, easy to follow and accommodating. Pat provides fast feedback on weekly running times and sets goals that enables a gradual continuous improvement over time. Through Pat’s wealth of experience you will receive regular tips and guidance that is unquantifiable. 

When I came on board, I had just bonked a full marathon and finished in 3:48. Pat’s guidance (over an 18-month period) made all my dreams come true with a Sub-3 in the 2023 Berlin Marathon and I have aspirations to go much faster over time. 

I would highly recommend Pat Carroll online coaching for any level of runner that is looking for support in improving as a runner.

Nathan Van Jole
2023 Berlin Marathon

“Having someone believe in you can help make the unbelievable happen”

What You Get

I will provide:

  • A structured/realistic and challenging training program.
  • Goal setting in training and competition.
  • Do you have a time goal? (eg; a Sub 2hr Half Marathon). I’ll help you prepare to the best of your ability and as time draws closer advise a realistic time goal for your event.
  • Motivation– knowing you need to report back to me will provide extra reason to follow the training set.
  • Confidence– through knowing I’ve successfully coached hundreds of runners online. You can read about some of my great success stories here.
  • The ability to contact me via email as often as you wish.
  • An opportunity to contact me by phone once you receive your program and also during the week leading into the event you may be preparing for. I’m also contactable via phone throughout your campaign should this be a more time efficient form of contact.
  • 100% guarantee “all” communication is with Pat Carroll.
  • 20% Mizuno discount
  • 10% Fix Nutrition discount
  • Basic dietary advice by Alicia Edge(qualified dietitian) including 10% discount off advertised fees.
  • Basic “online” running technique evaluation by David Coombs(qualified physiotherapist) including 20% discount off advertised fees.

I’ll develop a training program taking into consideration your current fitness level, the type of training you’ve recently involved and also what you wish to achieve. I’ll send the personalised program to you via email (excel spreadsheet).

All this after a comprehensive online analysis of your current fitness levels and specific training targets.

The majority of programs I set involve four training runs/week. This has proven to be a volume of training which leads to improvement whilst still allowing ample energy for family/work and other priorities.

If agreeable by you I’ll set sessions where you’ll be venturing out of your comfort zone. This is not essential though.

Most of the training I set will be time based (eg; 1min/4min uptempo efforts or 50min relaxed paced training runs) rather than set to distance.

There will however be a number of “GOAL SESSIONS”, eg: 500m/1k/2k efforts and 3k Time Trials etc.

These “GOAL SESSIONS” along with “possible” short term goals/events will ensure you stay accountable to me, given such sessions encourage you to report back to me.

By all means give me a call if you wish to discuss my online coaching service: 0403 176672

You will receive your program within 48hrs of signing up and I guarantee that I’ll reply to emails within 24 hrs (except during public holidays). Emails marked URGENT will be addressed same day.

Signing up involves 2 separate steps.

  1. Submit payment
  2. Complete Sign Up form

Enlist me – Pat Carroll – to personally develop a training program to meet your fitness and running goals and also mentor you during your progression.


Online Coaching Fees

4 Week Program $100.00

8 Week Program $150.00

12 Week Program $200.00

16 Week Program $250.00

20 Week Program $300.00

24 Week Fee $350.00

30 Week Program $450.00

12 Month Program $700.00

You can pay with Paypal (credit card), EFT or Cheque.

When you complete the PayPal payment you’ll be provided with a link which will allow you to access a Sign Up form. This is where you’ll be prompted to advise how active you’ve been of late, as well as detailing your future goals.

Payment plan option if signing up for 20 weeks or more: $200 upfront (12 week fee) to cover initial correspondence and first 4 weeks. Balance payable $50/4 week period starting after initial 4 weeks.

Save by paying full online coaching fee in advance. Discounted prices noted below are in Australian Dollars.

Refund policy: Full online coaching credit of unused period OR payment to be refunded on a pro rata basis. $100 will be deducted for initial draft and correspondence.


Program Options


Bank: Westpac
Account name: Pat Carroll
BSB: 034037
Account Number: 193331
Reference: Surname

Personal Information


Running Profile

Running Times

Running Goals


PaypalEFTChequeGift Voucher

If paying by EFT

I have/will deposit one of the following amounts via internet banking:

$100 = 4 Week program

$150 = 8 Week program

$200 = 12 Week program

$250 = 16 week program

$300 = 20 week program

$350 = 24 Week program

$450 = 30 week program

$700 = 12 month program

Or amount quoted by Pat

Account Details:

Bank: Westpac
Account name: Pat Carroll
Account number: 193331
BSB: 034037
Reference: Surname

Waiver and Release

I acknowledge that a training program set by Pat Carroll involves strenuous cardiovascular activity and it is my sole responsibility to ensure my physical condition is not at risk by participating in such a strenuous activity.

It is necessary to have a physical exam by a physician before beginning any strenuous exercise program.

I understand the risks involved in running, walking or other fitness activities and assume personal responsibility for my health and safety while participating in this program.

I’m in proper physical condition to undertake a running program. I release Pat Carroll from any and all claims or damages arising from my participation in an individualised training program.

I also understand and accept the following responsibilities:

Pat Carroll’s Responsibilities:

  • To design an individualized training program taking into consideration the runners current fitness level and future goals.
  • To be continually available via email to offer advice on any running related matters.
  • To reply to emails within 24 hrs (except during public holidays) and to ensure any basic questions sent via email relating to nutrition are answered with 48hrs.

Runners Responsibilities:

  • To advise Pat Carroll your progress via email. This being your results from training sessions and racing whenever applicable.
  • Notify Pat Carroll when you may be in the early stages of an injury or illness so the appropriate adjustments can be made to your program.

Injury and Medical advice:
Pat Carroll is not qualified to offer advice on such matters although basic information “may” be provided.

Ideally you’ll seek treatment from either a sports physiotherapist/a podiatrist or a massage therapist. A sports doctor will be of benefit if you have a severe injury.

Ideally you’ll be consulting a medical practitioner for any health related issues.