Online Coaching Testimonials

  • Pat’s coaching is tailored precisely to my running goals and ambitions. The programs are very affordable, easy to follow and accommodating. Pat provides fast feedback on weekly running times and sets goals that enables a gradual continuous improvement over time. Through Pat’s wealth of experience you will receive regular tips and guidance that is unquantifiable. 

    When I came on board, I had just bonked a full marathon and finished in 3:48. Pat's guidance (over an 18-month period) made all my dreams come true with a Sub-3 in the 2023 Berlin Marathon and I have aspirations to go much faster over time. 

    I would highly recommend Pat Carroll online coaching for any level of runner that is looking for support in improving as a runner.

    Nathan Van Jole
    2023 Berlin Marathon

  • Thanks Pat for your support and program, I can’t imagine getting that result without it.

    Kristen Turnbull
    2023 Boston Marathon 

  • Honestly can't thank you enough Pat. As someone who likes to train alone, the virtual coaching is perfect for me!

    Also, it made a massive difference post-race as well. Aside from some chafing and a black toenail, I wasn't even sore the next day.

    Roger Oldridge
    2023 Gold Coast Marathon

  • Signing up to Pat Carroll online coaching was the best running decision I’ve ever made. I’ve always wanted to run sub 3 hours but never really knew if I could, or how. Pat knew exactly how to get me there and his program worked perfectly resulting in 2:59:31 at the Gold Coast Marathon in 2019! Pat’s a great guy and a great coach, realistic and extremely supportive. Anyone who wants to get to the next level in their running should talk to Pat.

    Charles Chacobsen
  • I am very grateful for your support through the entire training program. The benefit of which was experienced on the start line where I wasn’t concerned about finishing the race but instead was focused on how I would run it. I was calm and excited for what lay ahead. This was due to the preparation which was guided by yourself. My sincerest thanks and I now look forward with enthusiasm to the next challenge, whatever it may be.

    Marcus Trant
  • I set myself a goal to run my first marathon. A friend recommended that I engage Pat’s services as an online running coach, which in hindsight was great advice. Pat developed a training program that was tailored to my running goals, lifestyle, and running capability. As my fitness improved throughout the training program Pat helped me to realise what I was capable of through setting challenging but achievable time targets for time trials and lead up races. I not only achieved my goal/dream of a sub 4 hour first marathon but also substantially improved my PBs at the half marathon, 10km and 5km distances. Pat’s services are great value for money and I highly recommend them to anyone who has a running goal to achieve.”

    Michael Sleap
  • I just want to say a huge thank to Pat for providing me with the support, motivation and confidence to run my first marathon. I contacted Pat Carroll to help me train for The Great Ocean Road 44K.  Being my first marathon I had many questions and as I looked for answers on the internet I felt lost in a sea of training plans and conflicting advice. To say the least I was a little overwhelmed. I quickly decided that I need a trainer.  I was a little dubious about using an online trainer, I wondered just how useful could they be? How wrong I was!  Pat contacted me and through a series of questions about my running/fitness history and more importantly my life schedule he devised me personal and challenging yet workable training plan. He set goals to keep me on track and kept in touch weekly to provide support and mentoring. I feel privileged to have had the advice and guidance of such an incredible athlete. Thank you Pat Carroll for pushing me to achieve my best. I ran my first marathon with success and I enjoyed every minute of it. I cannot thank you enough and will definitely be contacting you again for my next running event.
    Great Ocean Rd Marathon
    4hrs 40min

    Sarah Collins
  • “I engaged Pat to provide a 30 week marathon program to assist me complete my first marathon. Not only was the program a day by day breakdown of what I needed to do but the ongoing support and guidance was nothing short of sensational. The goal sessions and the accountability that Pat provides gave me an overwhelming sense of confidence that not only would help me achieve my goal of completing the marathon but it would give me a level of fitness that I would not have had in 25 years. Pat’s constant support and reinforcement of staying true to the program but also reassuring me that I am on track is the reason why I have now completed my first marathon. If anyone would like to run in any event at any distance I would strongly encourage you to engage Pat’s services – not only will you succeed with your goal but you will be hooked”
    2017 Sunshine Coast Marathon

    Andrew Cairns
  • Words can’t express how unbelievably thankful I feel to have been coached by the legend Pat Carroll. When I first reached out to Pat 7 months ago, I was broken and just got back into running. I found it was helping me move past my grief so I thought I would try and achieve an ambitious goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon result. Pats legendary and expert coaching helped me achieve this result not once but twice this year. Pat, You believed in me so much that I started believing in me too. That was the true trigger. If you ever want to give this running gig a go I strongly suggest you contact Pat. He still holds the record for a half marathon with a super impressive time of 61:11 An all round superstar!
    2017 Sunshine Coast Marathon

    Heleen Bartlett
  • “The program is spot on. If you ever need a referee on the benefit of your program, I’d be more than happy to recommend it to anyone. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!!”

    Tony Quinn
  • Thanks for a fantastic program and guidance along the way. Your knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to have a go at a time I thought was past me.
    Brisbane Marathon

    Alastair Dow
  • “Having a structured training program has helped my running in every way. Pat plans my workouts based on my individual capabilities and it paid off recently as i set a half marathon PB taking off 20minutes from my previous time. My goal is to progress and improve and Pat helps me achieve this. I look forward to setting new PB’s under Pats coaching, thanks mate.”
    Jetty2Jetty Half Marathon

    John Sindicic
  • I can’t thank Pat enough for his training plan and advice to get me a 22 minute PB at the GCAM!  Pat’s personalised training plan reinforces that consistency really is the key to success.  I look forward to continuing to improve my running working along with Pat!
    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Glenn Edmonds
  • I’m really happy with the results from your program! I have been smashing PBs left, right and centre!
    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Andrew Daniels
  • I have been following Pat’s training program for a couple of years now and have found that my times for the half marathon have improved quite significantly as a result. His expertise and ‘after sale service’ ensured that my goals were not only achieved but exceeded.
    Gold Coast Half Marathon

    Teri Garner
  • To say I’m elated doesn’t even begin to cover it!! I can’t thank you enough Pat for your program and guidance these past 11-12 weeks. I felt completely relaxed & confident in my prep, and while there was some soul searching with 2-5km to go, your guidance helped carried me through. I started with the 4.30 pacers but felt good, so backed myself to stretch it out, running to the pace I’d been doing in my training. I’m just thrilled with the result.
    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Louise L
  • Thanks very much for all your advice, have very much enjoyed the training plan and look forward to more races in the future that I will get you to “coach” me on.
    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Cath Griffin
  • I wanted to thank you for your help and most of all your encouragement along the way I signed up not knowing to expect, but your training program was the basis for many things I have learnt about running over the past 6 months.
    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Prunella Blinman
  • Thank you for writing my training schedule. I was explaining it to an acquaintance who ran and had been using an ASICS training pgm which worked with km increments. They thought yours with time increments sounded much better. I shall recommend you.
    Gold Coast Half Marathon

    Maggie Flemming
  • I also want to say a massive thank you for the 16 week program and the support you gave me throughout. I had a few hiccups along the way but that just made it more interesting……… and you stayed positive which helped me to continue pushing through. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and the sessions you provided. I would recommend your programs to anyone and I look forward to hopefully getting another program from you in the new year for the Marathon.
    Online Client

    Kellie Jamieson
  • “Before I started training with Pat I’d been running for 4 years and was making only slow progress with my marathon times. With a best time around 3hrs 20mins I thought 3hrs was out of my reach. Pat’s training programs allowed me to comfortably break the 3hr barrier. I found the training varied and enjoyable and Pat was helpful and accessible throughout.”

    Peter Blackshaw
  • Having been involved in this great sport of running for 20 years – I had reached the crossroads. Boredom was setting in, motivation had reached an all time low and the training program I had used for years had lost its appeal. Changes were needed, so I started looking around for a new mentor who could help make the necessary changes. On the 10th of April 2003 I made the best decision of my running life when I bit the bullet and e-mailed Pat Carroll in sunny Qld to ask him to help me on my quest to run my very first marathon on the Gold Coast July 6th 2003. I had been upping my training for 15 weeks before getting a personal program written for me by Pat. My longest training week to date had been 124 klms. My longest long run 3:05 / 37 klms at 5 min / klm pace. I was nervous. I was starting to fatigue but I wanted to run that race. My determination to achieve this life goal was relentless. Pat set me on a path of consistency in training which incorporated recovery as well as 100% effort in all tough sessions. I am proud to say with his expert advice I didn’t miss one session in 12 weeks of being coached by him. On July 6th 2003 I crossed the finish line of the Gold Coast Marathon in a net time of 3:29:54 and a week shy of my 35th Birthday after completing my very first marathon and coming 12th in my category (women 30-34 years) I couldn’t have been happier. Experts know what they are doing, that’s why you ask for their help. Pat just happens to be an expert as well as a really great guy who is encouraging, positive and prepared to go the extra mile for all his clients. I couldn’t have done it without him.
    Thanks Pat for making me feel like a new woman!

    Helen O’Leary
  • I have experienced Pat Carroll’s knowledge and expertise in the running field for the year 2003.  I found Pats training programs full of interest and they were enjoyable to do and maintain. Working with Pat over the internet was rewarding and never a problem.  His knowledge was wide and variable in the sporting field.  I found him a very good coach at all times.

    Marg Maloney
  • In early 2018 I decided to get back into running after a long time of zero exercise, and turned to Pat for assistance. With my initial goal of just getting up to a reasonable 5k time soon reached I decided to keep up the coaching with Pat and do the 10k on the Gold Coast. With Pat’s guidance and support I managed my first 10k race with a sub 60min run! Now for the half marathon! I would highly recommend Pat as your online coach – the knowledge, guidance and motivation he gives is second to none, and I know that I’m running at my best when I’m running with Pat.

    Kath Latchford
  • Absolutely loving the program. The variety in the sessions is awesome and refreshing! The sessions are challenging and I am finishing them with not much more in the tank! Overall It is a really well balanced program that allows you to be consistent which I LOVE!!! Jane Livingstone.

    Jane Livingston
  • I have been running under Pat's mentoring for a few months now and the result have been amazing. I have already taken 1 minute off my 10km PB and I am confident I can PB the half and full marathon distances this year. I joined his program after constantly sustaining injuries when my mileage exceeded 50km a week. Pat completely transformed my approach to training and recovery and I have since been able to run 70km+ per week without any issues. Pat takes a very tailored approach to training and, unlike other online coaches I've used, he uses my results and data to see what works best for me. The best value for money for any weekend warrior who wants to maintain long term, injury free, running success!

    Matt Southwell

    Michelle Bartlett
  • Thank you so much for all your coaching over many years to get me to my goal of achieving the six world majors and many in between.

    You have motivated me, made me believe in myself and reach goals I didn’t think I could. Your programs are individual, flexible and motivating. I‘ve reached PBs for the 5, 10, I/2 and the marathon due to your guidance and support.

    I can’t thank you enough for getting me to all those start lines to finally reach this ultimate goal.

    Tracey Sullivan

  • Thanks Pat for your support and program, I can’t imagine getting that result without it.

    Kristen Turnbull
    2023 Boston Marathon 

PCRG Testimonials

  • Thanks so much for allowing me to find my passion for running. It’s come along in leaps and bounds over the past 18 months as a result of training under your awesome guidance. You’re a bloody legend mate!"

    Matt Blinkhoff
  • I came to Pat Carroll with a goal to run my first ever marathon in 2019. Pat developed a program specifically for me that was challenging yet achievable - this was my bible. Outside of the online program he prepared me to get to the starters line of the Gold Coast marathon feeling strong, injury free and excited to be part of the PCRG family at this amazing event.

    Crossing the finish line was incredible and doing it in my goal time of sub-4 hours was an added bonus. I surprised myself too, running at a 3:40 pace for the first half.

    For anyone wanting to enhance their running and be consistent in training, whether it be for a race goal or simply for fitness, Pat is your guy. The group at PCRG range from elite level runners through to beginners - it’s such a positive and supportive group of people and the whole experience helped me achieve my marathon goal.

    Thank you Pat, you’re a legend!

    Caitlin Horgan
  • Pat, I would like to thank you for the assistance and support you provided in the build up to the 2014 Gold Coast Marathon.
    I enrolled in your Online training program and participated in the early morning runs at Southbank in the lead up to the race.
    Through this combination, I managed a Marathon PB by 20min and still days after the race am delighted with my results and my personal improvement.
    On the day of the race, I wore a PCRG shirt and the support received via PCRG supporters was well received.
    I am looking forward to further runs with you and your group in the lead up to my next goal.
    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Mark Dorloff
  • I just wanted to say thanks very much for all your assistance and support in allowing me to reach my goal of a sub 4hr Marathon. I know that when you were running you could nearly have done 2 Marathons in that time but for me it is a huge thrill. A few years ago I could never have imagined running a Marathon let alone going under 4 hrs. I was telling colleagues and friends before the run that this was my Grand Final and it certainly felt like a winning one as I had a great day. I am still on a high and the only thing missing was the Mad Monday celebrations.Once again the support and lift i got from the PCRG entourage made a huge difference. It is a great team with great people. You can be really proud of the brand you have built up over the years and the culture within it. I am enjoying the Group as much as ever and I can only hope that I can get a few more years out of my old legs. I will really miss the camaraderie when I do finish. I don’t know if I will ever surpass this Gold Coast effort but one thing I know is that I am really looking forward to getting back into it and giving it my best shot. Thanks again Pat.

    Darrell Jardine
  • As I was running home this morning I felt grateful for what a fabulous day it had turned out to be after that rain and storm this morning, and on reflection how good I felt after the session and how pleased I was that I made the effort and didn’t let the weather deter me. I’m so proud to be a part of PCRG and just wanted to let you know that I’m glad I met you back in 2006. You (PCRG) sessions have never left me feeling like they were a waste of time or effort and you really encourage each and every one of the group no matter where they sit in the pack. Bit soppy I know but I just had this “moment” this morning where I felt really good about my training and the huge part that you play in making it achievable.

    Cassie Smith
  • I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you. You Truly have changed my life. Your wisdom, confidence and heart that you have put in and shown to me (and the rest of PCRG) for the marathon and to running in general has been an inspiration. You have taught me determination and gave me the skills to persist at what I thought was only ever in my dreams, for that I will always give thanks for you and I’m so privileged that you are my coach. I could never of done the marathon without your guidance. You really are a amazing person and coach. Can’t wait for the next challenges, and are so looking forward to setting new goals in my running with PCRG.
    I really do thank you Pat.

    Sara Wood
  • The rain was poring down last Sunday and I only saw 4 other runners during the whole period I was out. All had PCRG clothing and gave a wave and smile. I said to one of the runners “only PCRG runners are motivated enough to get out anytime day or night, rain or shine”.
    Just want to say that I appreciate what you’ve done for me and the group.

    Trevor Wilson
  • “As a busy mother of two with significant public responsibilities, regular exercise, especially running, has always been important to me – it keeps me healthy & keeps me sane. Over the last couple of years I had begun to find it difficult to stick with a routine and maintain my motivation. Pat’s group is for everyone from elite competitive runners to middle aged mums like me! However – be prepared – being a PCRG member is about a lot more than running – it’s about meeting great people, having fun (even when it hurts), being challenged to do better & being inspired to achieve. Every day I attend a session is a good day – adrenalin and the whole group outcome carries me through – even on the really tough days. I’m a big fan and recommend PCRG to anyone looking for a great start to the day.”

    Anna Bligh
    Qld Premier 2007 – 2012
  • Following the Gold Coast Marathon, I had two goals – firstly, to finish a marathon strongly and then, to be hovering closer to the three-thirties rather than the fours. Getting on board with the on-line programme and the PCRG sessions after the Gold Coast made both these ambitions a reality. The structure of your programme was spot on, the training advice and support through emails was excellent, and the PCRG sessions invaluable. It makes me wonder why I didn’t get a professional on board earlier.
    Melbourne Marathon

    Liam O’Rourke
  • For a newbie, whose ink hasn’t dried on his application to join the PCRG Team, what a Sunday the 2010 Gold Coast Airport Marathon was and how good is it to be part of the PCRG Team. Encouragement along the entire course, down at Burleigh Heads, back at Southport at the start/finish line, the turn around at Runaway Bay and from fellow PCRG team runners out on the course. Through the tough 36-39 K section I remembered your words Pat to dig deep and believe in all those training runs you have banked. (Also a few words to Kerryn).Then out of the crowd a ‘GO PCRG’ would sound and spirits lift again. Turning for home, onto the Gold Coast Highway, around the 40-41K mark and knowing the finish line was in reach, some of that “magic” you talked about Pat, kicked in, weary legs lift, and I put most of it down to the cheering from all the PCRG suporters who lined the course to bring you home. The last K was a bit of a blur and I didn’t see faces, but I sure did hear everyone of you. The PCRG support was overwhelming and I have to admit I did get a little emotional running that last K. Thanks to all the PCRG supporters who stayed to cheer team members home, you don’t know how much it helps. All that was left to do was to finish and do the PCRG singlet proud. To all of the PCRG Team/Family/Supporters, well done, you should be very proud of what you achieved both on the course and with the money raised, through Everyday Heroes, for charity. Pat you have a wonderful loyal PCRG team that hold you in the highest regard. Your dedication, motivation, wit and willingness to pass on your wealth of knowledge (and even your dodgy 10 seconds to go watch) helps us feel proud of ourselves and what we can achieve if we try. I once read, “Failure is not, not succeeding, but rather not trying”
    Proud to wear the PCRG singlet!

    Paul Bouffler
  • Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you!!!! You have been such a great motivator and have given the most enjoyable sessions – all of which have helped me so much with my running and health!! And I’m pleased to say that I FINALLY cracked my 1:48 half marathon that I had done 3 times in a row… yahoo!! Did a net time of 1:44 at Gold Coast so I’m pretty over the moon! Thanks again for being so inspiring and for spreading the running bug…cos I sure have caught it!!
    Thanks so much for your help and support Pat!!
    GO PCRG!!!!

    Clare Causer
  • Well what can I say. Yesterday was extremely enjoyable & rewarding to say the least. My official net time was 1h 35m 40s. A time I’m really proud of given the fact my main goal was sub 1.40. Having you in my pacing group was very motivational & a big bonus as I’m sure it probably bought me 4 or 5 mins. The training program you did up for me along with joining PCRG was the best decision I’ve made when it comes to improving & enjoying my running. A huge thanks mate & I look forward to continuing with the group for a long time to come.
    Gold Coast Half Marathon

    Kevin Gibb
  • Thank-YOU so much – I’m absolutely stoked to run 3.44.56. I gotta say, last Sunday was one of the biggest highlights in my life so far, I absolutely enjoyed every step. What a fantastic group PCRG is!!! I was very pleased and honoured to wear the PCRG singlet. I arrived at the tent on my own and as soon as I walked in PCRG runners were talking to me and calmed my nerves! Also along the course PCRG members were so encouraging and at the finish. The spirit in PCRG is incredible and very uplifting. A few friends had told me the GC atmosphere was really good and I was completely and utterly blown away by it. There was always someone to talk to out on course and it was great to hear other people’s stories about why they are running it and what they’ve run before and also, the number of spectators – there was always someone cheering. And as for you!! – You know my running capabilities better then I do without even having to see me run!! This year so far, you predicted 67min for Run for the Kids and I came in at 66.47 and you believed that I would run close to 3hr45 for the marathon when I thought id run 4hours+. Thankyou so much for getting me there, I really enjoyed the marathon program, it was so great to see the whole campaign planned out, to be fully what sessions are ahead and also to have your consistent feedback and encouragement. At times when I doubted my own ability, I at least always know never to doubt your program!! So, I am stoked to join the marathon club. Before I started training for GC, I thought I’d run it and be done with running and maybe I’d try another sport. Here’s what I’ve learnt out of this: I am a runner, I absolutely love it, and I am far, far from ‘done’!!!!!!

    Fiona Paul
  • Your often stated words about the difference making the effort to get out of bed and train even in the worst weather makes to improvement was ringing in my ears and so I got up and did the session on my usual Wynnum/ Manly waterfront route. I was surprised to find I was the only person running or walking that morning which has never happened before although my family and co-workers seemed to think I was the nutty one, not all the wise people who stayed in bed. Well after my 6 minute PB on Sunday, I’m the one with the great big smile on my face and that great memory which is mine for life. Thanks for all your encouragement and sharing of your vast running experiences Pat. Such things are beyond monetary value.

    Craig Rowley
  • I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in helping me achieve my goal for the Gold Coast half marathon.  I wanted to run under 2 hours and I managed 1.57.38.  I am so stoked to have accomplished this.  I have never ever imagined that I could have ever run a 1/2 marathon. I could not have done this without your support. The day was so much fun and I can not wait to do this again.  The support from all of PCRG on the day was awesome.
    Gold Coast Half Marathon

    Christelle Moller
  • Pat you always have the energy for everyone and answer all of our questions, e.g. sitting on the shuttle bus on our way to the Gold Coast Marathon Margaret got talking to a nice guy (as she does) from NZ. He said he was one of your online clients and was amazed at how instant your respond to emails. As we got off we wished each other good luck, I was surprised he ended up spotting me on the marathon course and ran over to the side and waved encouragement. In the past 2 years of running we have met the most amazing people very supportive and happy people you are all our PBs. Thanks and happy running always to everybody in PCRG. If we could do it anyone can!!

    Margaret and Michelle Williams
  • Keep up the great “motivation” work and it’s up to each of us to help encourage and motivate others in the group (the way we do) as we get nearer to the Gold Coast or whatever goal we have set ourselves to achieve. Thanks again for your encouragement and constant assistance – it’s a joy to be a part of the PCRG.

    Andy Steele
  • Just a quick message to thank you for the speed sessions this week. With the heat and humidity that we have experienced over the last few weeks, speed work is definitely tough. Thanks also to yourself for running the last 100m or so. It really does make a difference to the motivation (and eventually performance) when there is such support given by members of the running group. Hopefully I will improve my speed and I look forward to being able to support other runners as they have supported me this week.

    Keith Sullivan
  • It was an excellent weekends race (Gold Coast). I enjoyed sharing the experience with the group. We all did so well and this is a direct effect of everyone’s commitment to running and your wonderful sessions that carry us through the hard patches in a race. I heard quite a few people say they hit a rough patch and would think about a hard session you had them do and this carried them through. personally I did a six minute pb bringing my half marathon time from 101 minutes down to 95. The only training I did differently was to do your speed work, so thanks for helping me reach that goal. I look forward to doing 90 minutes as the next goal and will eventually get there. See you back at training next Tuesday. This week is time to recover, refresh and drink red wine. Thanks again.

  • Six months ago I never knew I could feel so alive. I love running and have seen the benefits of your program from day one, even though I have been running for years. I truly believe being part of your group really takes it to another level. To be out there with other runners twice a week is highly motivating and very rewarding. There is no elitism in the group and in fact the biggest encouragement during my progress has come those who are much much faster than me, yet are happy to give advice and are genuinely excited when I – and others – do well. I did ANOTHER PB this morning. My first ever Sub 12 performance. It was hard, it was great and I was ecstatic but what was even better was that all my friends were so happy for me afterwards as well.

    Claire Bellenger
  • “I have been running under Pat’s regime for almost a year now and during that time my times have dropped dramatically. (eg. my 15km time has dropped by about 12 minutes!). I am now consistently running 4 min pace or under in races and I have not been injured all year (touch wood!). I am sure that this is entirely due to Pat’s guidance and support. Most importantly, he has shown me the value of consistency. Not only is he a running legend but he is also a “wise old dog” and he practices what he preaches! It would be great to see more women coming along. I used to be back of the pack – by a long way. But over a long period of time I have gradually clawed my way up to keep some of the guys honest and it feels GREAT!. Come on girls – YOU CAN DO IT!!”

    Jo Sherman
  • I have experienced Pat Carroll’s knowledge and expertise in the running field for the year 2003. I found Pats training programs full of interest and they were enjoyable to do and maintain. Working with Pat over the internet was rewarding and never a problem. His knowledge was wide and variable in the sporting field. I found him a very good coach at all times.

    Marg Maloney
  • I have been a casual runner for a number of years and have trained by myself.  After a fairly poor Gold Coast Half Marathon, I made a conscious decision to improve my fitness and performance. I joined Pat’s group with a fair degree of trepidation, as I knew he had a number of elite runners in his squad.  I felt that I would be out of my league.  I found out very quickly though, that he caters for runners of all standards. He is a very inspiring and supportive coach who leads by example.  With his training methods and guidance, I am performing at a level well in excess of what I had expected to achieve.  I am confident that the goals I have set myself will be surpassed and that I will need to re-set those goals so as to lift the bar even higher.

    Darrell Jardine

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